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Gian Franco Morini was born in Faenza in 1955. He attended the Institute for Ceramic Art in Faenza and the Fine Art Academy in Bologna.
Augusto Betti and Alfonso Leoni were his teachers, he worked as a young apprentice together the Masters Panos Tsalakos and Carlo Zauli.
Since the Seventies he has worked in the ceramic industry, in international firms, as a researcher.


La ceramica di Gian Franco Morini

Gian Franco Morini

The Experience

  • 1975


    Panos Tsolakos's Studio

    Faenza (RA)
    Panos Tsolakos, one of the protagonists of the ceramic renovation that took place in Faenza in the sixties and seventies, winner of the 1971 International Art Ceramics Competition and numerous and prestigious other awards in Italy and abroad

  • 1979

    Director of the research and development laboratory

    Gruppo Ceramiche LA FAENZA

    Faenza (RA)
    In collaboration with the ceramic sculptor Carlo Zauli, unquestionably considered one of the most important sculptor ceramicists of the twentieth century.

  • 1990

    Director of the research and development laboratory

    Gruppo Ceramiche IRIS

    Fiorano Modenese (MO)
    He also directs the research and development laboratories for other brands in the same group: Ceramiche Corallo, Indus, Gualdo, Edil Carani, Eiffelgres, Gruppo Ariostea..

  • 1996


    Haus Swarovski

    Wattens (AUSTRIA)
    Bathroom wall tiles design with ceramic tiles and optical fibers with Iris Ceramiche.

  • 2013-2015


    Merchindising Lamborghini Store

    Sant'Agata Bolognese (BO)
    Development of customized floors and walls.

  • 2016

    'Der Kunst Garten' Opening

    Home-Workshop / The Garden of Art

    Faenza (RA)
    Sculptures and installations in ceramic and iron at his home-laboratory.

  • 2022 // next opening

    'Kein Museum aber Kunst'

    Museum and exhibition of ceramic works

    Faenza (RA)
    Pieces of art signed by Morini and other great artists, share the space together with 'residues' of industrial ceramics

Gianfranco Morini


Permanent sculptures and installations

Gianfranco Morini

Der Kunst

Gian Franco Morini called ‘il Moro’, sculptor and designer, provocative and paradoxical, exaggerated and contradictory, ingenious and vulgar, has fulfilled a dream: to transform his home-workshop, located in the countryside of Faenza, into a Garden of Art, the sculpture of his life.

Der Kunst Garten, in German language, to emphasize the international vocation of this garden: a private space in a garden, a lawn and a house without gates or barriers, where anyone can go, stop, have a chat with the landlord, and watch the artworks of the artists who will be invited to take turns.

Since its opening, the museum has taken on new geometries, the metamorphosis is continuous. Adjacent to his laboratory house, in the Faenza countryside, the garden can be visited for free.

Address: Via Modigliana 16, 48018 Faenza (RA) // ITALY

Gianfranco Morini

Kein Museum
aber Kunst

Entering the KEIN MUSEUM ABER KUNST is a journey into the multiverse of Morini, known as il Moro, a sculptor and designer from Faenza who here becomes the guardian of memory. An unconventional art museum, where everything is archived with taste and dedication according to the logic of the Moor, a logic that is in continuous exhibition evolution.
Space embraces matter and history finds its own unusual timeline of storytelling. Pieces of art signed by Morini and other great ceramicist friends share the space together with unique 'residues' of industrial ceramics, including research ones. A poetic tale of the absolutely unique object.

Address: Via Borgo S. Rocco, 116 - 48018 Faenza (RA) // ITALY
by appointment only - at intuitive times

Kein Museum aber Kunst

Kein Museum aber Kunst - Fotogallery

Gian Franco Morini


Via Modigliana 16, 48018 Faenza (RA) // ITALY

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